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Summer Fun and Energy Savings - Leviton Blog

Summer Fun and Energy Savings

Summer is finally here and before you know it school will be out and the kids will be enjoying their time off and spending more time at home....

LED Bulbs and Dimming

LED Bulbs and Dimming

You may have noticed the staggering rate at which LED bulbs are gaining popularity.

Energy Saving Tips from Leviton

Green, Energy Saving Tips

Did you know that the US buried or burned over 166 million tons of resources in landfills and incinerators last year?

Color Balance and Bulbs

Tech Talk – Color Balance and Bulbs

At Leviton, we believe color makes the room!

Sprucing up Your Basement - Leviton Blog

Ideas for Sprucing up Your Basement

What makes a great basement? We think it’s a combination of usability and practicality.

Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control - Leviton Blog

Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

A little heat and humidity is okay for a day at the beach but not so much for inside our homes.  Think damp, humid bathrooms, basements and home sp

Winterizing Your Home - Leviton Blog

How to Go Green by Winterizing Your Home

What’s the best way to go about winterizing your home? We’ve got a few tips up our sleeve to help you go green while saving green this winter.

Leviton Omnistat Thermostats - Leviton Blog

Money Saving Smart Thermostats

Ever thought your thermostat could have a brain? How about pick up on the heat and cooling patterns around it?

Leviton Dimmers

What Dimmer To Buy: A Residential Buying Guide

Looking to save money on your energy bill and hoping to do the planet some good while doing so?

Going Solar in the Great Outdoors

Going Solar in the Great Outdoors

Haven't yet switched your exterior lighting to solar power? What are you, living under a rock? We're just teasing!