Designer's Corner
DIY Homework Corner

DIY Homework Corner

Looking for a simple, functional weekend DIY project for your home? Consider creating a custom homework corner for your children.

Interior Design Projects and Inspiration

Interior Design Projects and Inspiration

Ideas and inspiration for your interior design projects can come from anywhere, at any time. We recently asked people on Twitter a number of Interior...

Keeping it Simple with Staycations

Keeping it Simple with Staycations

We all need a little down time but sometimes it’s just not possible to plan a trip and you really don’t want to lose your hard earned vacation days

Renu Challenge Winners

Renu Challenge - The Winners!

After weeks spent designing and transforming rooms with the help of colorful Renu devices, the participants have submitted their final results.

Renu Challenge - Q&A

Renu Challenge - Q&A's

The Renu Challenge participants tell us their plans for the Renu Challenge.

Renu Challenge - Before Photos

Renu Challenge - Before Photos

Here are a collection of "Before Photos" showing the spaces the participants will be transforming using colorful Renu devices.

Renu Challenge - Meet the Designers

Renu Challenge - Meet the Designers!

Meet the designers competing in the Leviton Renu Challenge, learn more about them, and keep checking back to follow their progress through the...

The Renu Challenge from Leviton

Renu Challenge

The Renu Challenge is a chance for homeowners, designers and DIYers to showcase their creativity and design skills, using Renu's colorful switches,...

Color Trends - Leviton Blog

Color Trends

People get emotional about color. It is amazing how color can evoke feelings. It can make you feel calm, or happy, or even hungry.

The Colors of our Home - Leviton Blog

The Colors of our Home

When we moved into our home, every room, except the living room, was yellow. Banana yellow. The living room was beige. We needed paint and fast! I...