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The Kids are Home: Cool Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

Summer is finally here and before you know it school will be out and the kids will be enjoying their time off and spending more time at home. Although you love having them home, you may start to notice a spike in your electric bill due to an increase in daily home activity. 

You may start to notice a spike in your electric bill

Leviton has some sure fire ways to help curb unnecessary electrical usage without your kids missing a beat – they may even think it’s cool!

  • How many times are the kids going to run in and out of their rooms without switching the light off, wasting electricity?  It’s an age old problem but Leviton has the solution. By simply replacing switches with vacancy sensors, kids switch the light ON when they enter the room but the sensor automatically switches the light OFF when they leave. COOL!

Leviton Vacancy Sensor

  • Summer fun like pools, beaches, playgrounds and other outdoor activities lead to messy kids and extra showers – and sometimes forgetful kids and adults when it comes to remembering to turn off the bathroom fan!  Forget no more. Our Humidity Sensor and Fan Control responds to increased humidity in the bathroom by automatically switching on the ventilation fan. And, when the humidity level drops, the device automatically switches the fan off. COOL!

Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

  • It’s hot, but you really don’t want the air conditioning running all day and the high electric bills that go with it. Your ceiling fan is a great alternative because it uses much less energy and still cools off the room. But, the pull-chain is annoying and high up. Well, Fan Speed Controls provide an easier way to turn fans ON and OFF and regulate how fast the fan spins without the need for pull-chains. COOL!
  • So, the kids are playing inside and need the lights on.  But, they really don’t need full blast lighting since daylight is coming through the windows. The answer? Dimmers. Dimmers allow you to set the perfect light level – from low to high – based upon ambient light and what you are doing. This saves energy. How? Play with our interactive Energy Savings Calculator and see. Why should the kids have all the fun…COOL!

Leviton Dimmer Switch