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Ever thought your thermostat could have a brain? How about pick up on the heat and cooling patterns around it? We didn't either - until we developed the Omnistat2, which stands out against the competition for one simple reason: it's smarter. The Omnistat2 uses advanced digital technology to learn the heating and cooling patterns of your home, then customizes your airflow to correspond to the patterns, allowing for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Are you sensing a theme in our last few posts? If you said yes, you'd be right: we're always looking for ways to help you make your home more efficient. If you can also save a buck or two on your energy bill in the process, well, why wouldn't you?

Setting the thermostat

Omnistat thermostats are the latest generation of communicating thermostats - which means that they pick up on what's going on around them, and learn the heating and cooling patterns of your home. Pretty cool, right? We think so. In addition, Omnistat2 has a lot of convenient features that garner additional energy savings. For starters, you can set back the equipment when the house isn't occupied. Going on vacation? You can hit vacation mode, which will restore the house to your chosen temperatures before you arrive home. No more coming home and walking into a heat wave. This also helps you to save on your energy costs by ensuring that you're not heating and cooling an empty house (and paying to do so!).

Omnistat2 thermostats allow you to have a different program option for every day of the week, so you can feel free to switch it up. Prefer the house to be cooler during the evenings when the family is home, but feel okay with it being a bit warmer during the day when you're at work and the kids are at school? Omnistat2 makes for easy setting. Plus, you can control your thermostat from anywhere - voice response allows for control of your thermostat via telephone.

What will they think of next? Considering upgrading? Learn more about Omnistat thermostats here.

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