The Future of Wiring is Here with Leviton’s Decora Edge™

Nowadays, time is money. Getting the job done as quickly and safely as possible is key for a contractor. Any tool or product that helps get things done even faster is one you’ll want to add to the back of your work truck.

For years, contractors have become accustomed to terminating outlets and switches using terminal screws and other traditional methods. Now, Leviton’s Decora Edge provides an innovative way to make installing outlets and switches faster, easier and safer. This revolutionary product is designed with contractors in mind to help get jobs done quicker so they can spend more time on other projects and business.

Why Decora Edge?

Decora Edge dramatically decreases installation time by simplifying the process to three quick steps:

  1. Push Press the stripped end of a wire into the correct color-coded terminal.
  2. Click Close a lever and confirm the right connections are made with an audible click.
  3. Done – Complete the connection with confidence!

Push, Click and you’re Done!


The Benefits

Compared to conventional wiring devices where a terminal screw is present, Decora Edge has a unique color-coded lever termination feature. The hot, neutral and ground wire terminals are color-coded, making it easier than ever to identify the correct terminal for wiring.

Decora Edge is the only electrical wiring device on the market with a quick termination ground wire and a strap that is compatible with any sized wallplate. Safety is also built-in to Decora Edge. There are no exposed metal parts, eliminating the need to use electrical tape and lessening the likelihood of electrical mishaps.

Contractors and electricians are beginning to take advantage of Decora Edge and to speed up installation; positively impacting their day-to-day work. Other key benefits include:

  • Seamless coordination with Leviton’s Decora® family of products
  • Can be used with Decora wallplates and Decora Plus™ screwless wallplates.
  • A larger strap with a unique tongue and groove alignment feature that offers quicker trim out on multi-gang installations and works with Midway sized as well as standard sized wallplates.  
  • Decora Edge is UL Listed, so contractors can ensure they are meeting the appropriate electrical standards.

The Bottom Line

Decora Edge is revolutionizing the way contractors and electricians install outlets and switches. Time spent on projects will dramatically decrease, bringing further improvements in overall efficiency on the jobsite. To learn more about Decora Edge, check out Leviton’s YouTube or visit: