Going Solar in the Great Outdoors

Going Solar in the Great Outdoors

Haven't yet switched your exterior lighting to solar power? What are you, living under a rock? We're just teasing! But really, it's time to consider going solar. If you don't, you're seriously missing out…on saving the planet, on saving some money on your energy bills. What's not to love? Installing solar lighting in your outdoor areas is a foolproof way to save energy, and as a bonus, solar lighting is just as beautiful as can be!

Home with Outdoor Lighting

So, why use outdoor lighting? First and foremost, it saves energy, and money. It's good for the planet, so to speak. Solar lighting, instead of requiring batteries or electrical cords, takes its power from the sun, then uses that power to light the way come nightfall. While many people advocate for using solar panels to power all your electrical needs, this can be a big undertaking. Sometimes, it's easier to start small, and exterior solar lighting is a great way to do so. Consider snagging a set of solar lighting to light the way up to your front door.

People often neglect the outdoors when it comes to splurging on ambient lighting, and it's such a shame - most of us have really beautifully landscaped front and backyards, and those portions of our home deserve just as much attention as the interior portions do! Consider this: let's say you spent a good amount of time and money building a gorgeous stone wall that extends around the perimeter of your front yard. Why not highlight all that time and money? It's a beautiful accent piece for your landscaping, so you might as well show it off!  A few strategically placed solar lights positioned around the wall can really bring it to life come evening.


Solar lights can also be used to light up your home - a few flood lights or spotlights at the front of the home can illuminate your gorgeous architectural details, or that beautiful paint color you reinvented your home with last season. In short: outdoor lighting is a great way to spice up your space and give your outdoor areas some love. While you're at it, why not go the extra mile to incorporate solar lighting? Trust us: you won't ever regret going green.

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