Benefits of Promoting Sustainability at Electrical Contracting Firms

Promoting sustainability demonstrates good corporate citizenship and can actually help improve your company’s bottom line.

Each day we hear about the impact of manmade influences to our environment, health and wellbeing.  Embracing sustainability at your electrical contracting firm will not only have a positive impact on the environment, doing so also makes good business sense for your bottom line.

Today, sustainability has become an integral part of the business plans of most Fortune 500 companies.  Demonstrating your company’s desire to promote a greener, cleaner and more sustainable world appeals to today’s eco-conscious consumers.  When faced with selecting an Electrical Contractor with similar services and pricing structure, consumers can be swayed by evidence of your sustainability position and subsequent actions.

Before you launch a Sustainability program at your company, it’s important to be mindful of appearances and to structure it carefully so not to portray any political position or controversy.  Everyone can agree that simple Green practices make sense, and staying away from controversy avoids offending or alienating potential customers.

Once you have developed a Sustainability program, communicating it to your customers isn’t difficult.  It could mean simply adding a sustainability section on your website with a list of all the green services that you offer (Solar, Energy Management, EVSE, etc).  You can even detail how you recycle and minimize waste.  Additionally, if you source or utilize products from companies with a positive sustainability position, highlight that as well.

To give you some ideas on developing your sustainability program, we have provided a few links to help get you started:

Leviton Social Responsibility Webpage

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Example of an Electrical Contracting Firm Successfully Leveraging Sustainability to Drive Revenue

PSE&G Corporate Citizenship Page

Together, as an industry, we can adopt sustainable business practices with the goal of making a difference to the global environment today… and well into the future.