Ideas for Sprucing up Your Basement

Sprucing up Your Basement - Leviton Blog

What makes a great basement? We think it’s a combination of usability and practicality. Basement space is often seen as the stepchild of the home and therefore the last space to invest money into for improvements. But, guess what, you don’t need to invest a lot to see great results.


Wall space: Often forgotten, well used wall space can add a whole lot of zing to a room. Basement walls are prime candidates for trendy posters, a fun mirror, a menagerie of family photos, and, of course, the requisite dart board. If space allows, you can also add some shelving to store everything from DVDs to kid’s books and toys.

Floor: Let’s face it, basement flooring is not always the greatest. But, you don’t have to go crazy installing a new floor when some nice plush area rugs will do. Top them off with classic bean bag chairs and large pillows and it’s easy to be comfy on a budget.

Installing Basement Flooring

Creature Comforts: The thing about the basement is, well, it’s the basement. All the up and down gets tiresome, so why not pick up a mini-fridge to store all your snacks and beverages? 

Organization: Part of the reason basement space is underutilized is because we tend to use it as a dumping ground for everything. “Just put it down in the basement” is an all too common phrase. Well, you can still put it down in the basement but reduce the clutter by organizing! Create a dedicated pantry space, holiday decoration space, sports equipment cubby…you get the idea. Stackable plastic crates can help.

Laundry Area: Here again, organization and a few well-placed shelves can make all the difference. Get the detergent off the floor, use a collapsible ironing board so it doesn’t occupy precious space when not in use and, if possible, section-off the laundry area with a room divider.

Basement Laundry Area

Getting back to the up and down, we often enter and exit the basement with our hands full. Motion Sensors can really help with this. Motion Sensors are a hands-free solution - they automatically turn lights ON when the space is entered and OFF when vacated. Convenient, you bet! But that’s not all, motion sensors help save energy by ensuring that lights are not left on unnecessarily. And, they provide a safety benefit by eliminating the need to juggle laundry or packages to reach for the light switch. At Leviton, we do think of everything.