USB Outlet
Don’t Be Confused by USB Outlets Imitations

USB Charger Outlets. Don’t Be Confused by Imitations.

By now, most everyone you know probably owns a smart device that uses a USB cable to charge.

USB Type-C

USB Type-C™

The tech world is buzzing with talks of Type-C USB, but what does this mean for the average user?

USB Charging Receptacles Always Have a Full Battery

USB Charging Receptacles Always Have a Full Battery!

Try to live without your cell phone for a week. Better yet, challenge a teenager to live without cell phone access for a week—or even a day.

Decora Must Haves

Decora Must Haves

As fall officially gets underway, it’s a great time to think about getting your home ready for the colder months ahead.

DIY Homework Corner

DIY Homework Corner

Looking for a simple, functional weekend DIY project for your home? Consider creating a custom homework corner for your children.

Tech Talk – USB Charger Devices

Tech Talk – USB Charger Devices

We all love out smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other handy electronic devices that keep us connected. What we tend not to love so much is the...

Guide to a great Home Office - Leviton Blog

Guide to a great Home Office

These days working from home is becoming more and more commonplace, requiring a dedicated space with all the amenities of a traditional office (The

Leviton Hospital Grade USB Charger Receptacle

New Additions to the Leviton USB Charger Devices Line!

As mobile technology becomes a standard feature in every aspect of society, it’s not uncommon to find health care providers and professionals are u

Safety Mom Vlog - Leviton

My Vlog

Hear what I have to say about our Leviton's new Humidity Sensor and Fan Control,

Leviton USB Outlet - Leviton Blog

Charge your new electronics with our USB Charger Devices

Did you get all the gifts you were hoping for this season? Perhaps you snagged a new iPad air, or a brand new gold iPhone 5s.