USB Charging Receptacles Always Have a Full Battery!

USB Charging Receptacles Always Have a Full Battery

Try to live without your cell phone for a week. Better yet, challenge a teenager to live without cell phone access for a week—or even a day. Easy, right? Nope, more like impossible. We’re so attached to our devices, it’s unimaginable that we could live without them for any length of time.

Technology makes our life easier, but there are some challenges that come with our smartphones, tablets and MP3 players—charging them. Everyone has multiple USB connections but usually only one USB outlet adaptor. Swapping out devices each time you want to charge your phone, iPad, MP3 player or tablet is no fun. Leaving the room but want to take your low-battery phone with you? Grab the USB cord and the charging connector and plug in the device in the other room. It’s not an efficient process.

Leviton encourages electrical contractors to anticipate client needs when working on new construction and retrofit projects. Present both residential and commercial solutions that contain plug and USB receptacles in a single outlet. These USB charger devices go beyond the standard receptacle and offer convenience for your clients. These devices allow clients to charge multiple devices at once, and decrease the clutter of tangled wires on counters, desks or any surface for that matter. Suggesting these solutions to your client will elevate your own brand while exceeding their expectations, which will keep them coming back to you. Keep in mind that there are other applications to consider that go beyond those in the home such as airports, hotels, salons/spas, dorm rooms, cafes/restaurants, offices and meeting rooms. Learn more in this informative video.

Leviton offers three different product solutions. All feature a smart chip that optimizes power for fast and efficient charging. Engineered for compatibility with the latest technology, Leviton USB Charger Devices are designed to charge tablets, smart and mobile phones, gaming devices, e-readers, digital cameras and a host of other electronic devices.

  • USB Charger/Tamper-Resistant Receptacles are a combination device with two USB ports and either one or two 15-amp or 20-amp receptacles. They are designed for maximum charging efficiency.
  • 4-Port USB Charger features 4.2 amps to charge up to four high-powered electronic devices at the same time. Generously spaced vertical USB ports provide additional room for charging cords and reduce stress on the cables.
    • Duplex Receptacle is the highest charging device on the market with 3.6 amps of power. It can charge two USB-powered devices, leaving the two tamper-resistant plugs free for other uses.
    • Single Receptacle offers 3.6 amps of charging power, with the capability to charge up to two USB-powered devices simultaneously, leaving the receptacle free for additional power needs.

See how one of the nation’s busiest airports successfully implemented USB receptacles into charging stations throughout terminals to accommodate thousands of travelers.

Best of all? Anytime you need assistance before, during or after a project, Leviton® is here to help! Call, email, live chat or see our online library of installation videos.