USB Type-C™

USB Type-C

The tech world is buzzing with talks of Type-C USB, but what does this mean for the average user? USB Type-C innovation exceeds the limitations of previous USB port technology, delivering higher charging power potential and faster data transmission than available before.  

As the industry move towards Type-C USB technology, here’s what you need to know:

More Power
The connector for a Type-C USB is smaller than the traditional Type-A USB.   Like most new Technology, the USB Type-C is capable of more within the confines of a smaller package. It’s important to note that not only is the power delivery potential increased, but data transmissions are also better than what preceded it. USB Type-C will power everything from smartphones and tablets, to laptops, 2 in 1s, cameras and many smaller electronic devices.

The “New Standard”
Unlike most new technology, this cable has buy-in from most major device manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung, and will become the new standard in USB. Type-A USB connectors have been the standard for over 20 years, and electronic demands continue to increase and change.  Type-C USB is a solution to accommodating larger electronic power and data requirements.  Another consideration in the change to Type-C USB is environmental responsibility. New European regulations call for a standard connector to reduce the volume of discarded cables littering landfills.

Plug in any Direction
USB Type-C is user friendly.  Its reversible connector allows you to plug the cable into your device in any direction. No more fussing with cables and no more backwards insertion attempts.

USB Type-C works with devices across the most popular operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, Google and more.

A leader in innovation, Leviton has engineered Type-C technology into our USB Charger Device product line. The Leviton USB Type A/C Charger Duplex Receptacle offers two high-powered USB ports, one Type-C and one Type-A, delivering a combined total of 5.1A USB charging capacity. For convenience, the additional two tamper resistant receptacles are free for other power needs like your coffee maker, reading lamp or computer.


So, heed the buzz and future proof your charging capabilities with Leviton USB Type-C technology.  It’s a step you can take today to prepare for the charging power needs of tomorrow!


Tips to Maximize Charging

  1. Not using the phone while charging, will significantly shorten the charging time.
  2. Use the charging cord that came with the device for maximum charging effectiveness.
  3. Cord length may affect the power and speed of the charge. Longer cord lengths may take longer to charge.
  4. Replacement cords should be OEM grade quality or approved by the device manufacturer.