Guide to a great Home Office

Guide to a great Home Office - Leviton Blog

These days working from home is becoming more and more commonplace, requiring a dedicated space with all the amenities of a traditional office (The couch and coffee table just don’t cut it anymore!). And, since you’ll be spending lots of time there you will want it to be a pleasant environment with privacy so you can get your work done.

If you are fortunate enough to have an actual room to convert to an office you are probably one step ahead of most. In this case, privacy is a closed door. If you are using a nook or part of a larger room, privacy can be achieved by using a decorative screen, sliding doors or chic ceiling to floor curtains.

The foundation of a great home office is a great desk. Unlike the “real” office, you can inject some truly personal style into this piece. Antique desks make a statement and are generally loaded with drawers and cubbies. With a contemporary look, you’ll probably lose drawer space but can get creative with cool storage bins and shelving.

For our home offices, we love ceiling fans. They too add a personal touch and tend to have a calming effect so “I needed it yesterday” deadlines aren’t so stressful. Worried about the hum of the fan? No need. Just use a Quiet Fan Speed Control. These devices are designed to reduce buzzing or humming and provide preset or stepped speed levels.

Ceiling fan

Last but not least, you will need some serious power. Try a USB Charger/Duplex Tamper-Resistant Outlet to immediately streamline your outlet space by using the USB Ports to charge your phone and tablet, leaving the outlets free to plug in the computer, printer or perhaps a flat screen TV – for the latest business news of course!

USB Charger/Duplex Tamper-Resistant Outlet