Tradeshow Spotlight - Plug In 2013 - Leviton Blog

Tradeshow Spotlight - Plug In 2013

Hello EV Enthusiasts! I recently traveled to San Diego to attend the Plug-In 2013 Conference. The event was held at the convention center from...

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Money Saving Smart Thermostats

Ever thought your thermostat could have a brain? How about pick up on the heat and cooling patterns around it?

Leviton Dimmers

What Dimmer To Buy: A Residential Buying Guide

Looking to save money on your energy bill and hoping to do the planet some good while doing so?

Going Solar in the Great Outdoors

Going Solar in the Great Outdoors

Haven't yet switched your exterior lighting to solar power? What are you, living under a rock? We're just teasing!

Daylight Savings - Leviton Blog

Timers with Astronomic Clocks

We'll admit: ever since iPhones proliferated pockets around the globe, and our cable boxes automatically captured the time for us, Daylight Savings

Five Energy Saving Tips for Fall - Leviton Blog

Five Energy Saving Tips for Fall

Looking to cut back on your electric use this season? We've got a few ideas to help you save some green while going green.

Electric Cars

Is Your Home Electric Vehicle Ready?

Recently, the city council of Palo Alto, California adopted a proposal that Palo Alto’s building code be changed to require that new homes come...

Daylight Harvesting - Leviton Blog

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight Harvesting. If you thought that meant something similar to Daylight Savings, you weren't quite right (though the terms do sound the same!)....