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Daylight Harvesting. If you thought that meant something similar to Daylight Savings, you weren't quite right (though the terms do sound the same!). While Daylight Savings has to do with saving time, Daylight Harvesting has to do with saving energy. It refers to systems that utilize sensors to determine the amount of daylight in a space, then use that daylight to offset the amount of electric lightning needed to properly light a space. Why do this? The answer is short and sweet: Daylight Harvesting reduces energy consumption, big time.

Hospital in sunlight

How does it work? In short, Daylight Harvesting is accomplished using lighting control systems that are able to dim and/or switch off electrical lighting in response to the amount of daylight in a given space. As you can imagine, this is extremely helpful for big spaces such as airports, office buildings, schools, and hospitals. It's no surprise, then, that Daylight Harvesting is an important strategy  for energy savings, as well as in sustainable architecture (new buildings are being completed with Daylight Harvesting technology built right in).

Old Basic Light Switch

Of course, it's not just newer, more sustainable buildings that are making use of, or could make use of, this technology. Older buildings represent their own market ripe for change, thanks to the ability to easily retrofit electrical and lighting systems to bring them into the new world of Daylight Harvesting. With over 67 billion square feet of commercial space to be found in the United States, the opportunities are limitless in the sectors mentioned above: office, healthcare, hospitality, education, and more. Older buildings tend to have no form of lighting controls beyond simple switches (if they even have that!). The lights are simply on, all the time - which means that even in broad daylight, when sunlight is streaming through the space, the electrical lighting will be running, doing double duty and wasting a significant amount of electricity.

Leviton LevNet RF™ Products

Wireless controls from Leviton offer the best and most cost effective energy solution out there, especially when it comes to meeting government mandates to reduce lighting use (global warming is a real thing, folks!). Did you know that over $3.2 billion in grants are available to local governments to fund energy efficiency projects, including retrofitting existing structures? The funds are there if you'd like to go green, even in an old building. Yes, it is possible!

Our LevNet RF™ Energy Harvesting Wireless Solutions line expands our wireless offering to provide customers with additional easy-to-install energy saving solutions. Get this: with no additional wiring required, installation is quick and easy, and takes just minutes to configure. Our LevNet RF™ line offers simple lighting control and configurability for occupancy sensing, as well as ON/OFF switching, 3-way switching, bi-level switching, hotel HVAC control, and much more, putting flexibility at your fingertips! No wires, no batteries, no limits. Has it ever been easier to save energy on such a large scale? We think not!

Energy harvesting technology offers an easy way to meet codes and achieve green building initiatives. In fact, only our LevNet RF™ Energy Harvesting Wireless Solutions allow you to earn LEED points for both wireless control and  no batteries. This means that LEED certification is even easier to achieve - who would have thought such a thing would be possible?

So, let's talk savings...


Energy Savings

  • Place virtually anywhere and control any compatible wireless device within range - the opportunities for energy savings are limitless
  • Wireless energy harvesting occupancy sensors turn lights and other devices off when a room is unoccupied
  • Wireless energy harvesting temperature sensors set heating or air conditioning to an "economy" setting
  • Master switch stops current to devices that draw standby power and ensures lights, fans, and other devices are off when exiting

Material Savings

  • No wires to run - reduce the amount of materials, labor, and time on installation
  • No batteries or external power required - save on materials, energy, and waste from battery manufacturing and disposal

Minimize Costs

  • Shorten electrical planning by hours
  • Reduce labor required for initial installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Flexible, adaptable systems can be moved or expanded with ease after initial installation
  • Avoid wall repairs in retrofit applications
  • Eliminate switch legs, traveler wires, and other raw materials

Ideal Uses

  • Energy-wise lighting and HVAC control, hospitality energy management, classroom automation, building remodeling, retrofit projects and more
  • All LevNet RF™ devices are NAFTA/Buy America compliant

Have we got you convinced yet? If not, check out this case study, which talks about how a Detroit Airport Authority utilized our LevNet RF sensors to help guide energy savings toward a smooth take off.  We think it'll change your mind, and send you on the path toward energy savings, ASAP.