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We'll admit: ever since iPhones proliferated pockets around the globe, and our cable boxes automatically captured the time for us, Daylight Savings somewhat fell off our radar. In our younger years, we looked forward to the holiday, to the time once a year when we'd magically gain an extra hour of sleep. These days, since our electronic clocks make the switch for us, we spend less and less time thinking about Daylight Savings and how it might affect our daily routines.

Every time it rolls around, however, we think about how glad we are that we switched many of our standard switches with timer switches. When we first decided to do so, we did it because of the lower electrical costs (who doesn't want to go green and save green all at once?). Timer switches help to reduce energy consumption and extend bulb life by giving you the option to control when your lights go on and when they go off.

Leviton Timer Switch
Leviton VPT-24-1PZ

Our timer switches offer advanced features, superior accuracy, and contemporary aesthetics that are sure to work well in your home, regardless of your design style. We've got a robust selection of timer switches that provide convenient timed control of lighting in homes, offices, schools, hotel rooms, and more - the applications are endless!

Turn Lights on with Timers

Timer switches are also great for Daylight Savings, as they enable you to program your lights to turn off while the sun is up and go back on when the sun goes down. During Daylight Savings, these switches recognize the time change (isn't technology great?) and simply adapt, without you having to do a thing! You can look up the longitude/latitude coordinates for your home (you'll need them to program your timer switches) here.

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