Safely Protect Your Home’s Holiday Lighting Displays - Leviton Blog

Safely Protect Your Home’s Holiday Lighting Displays

With the holiday season already in full swing we wanted to make sure your outdoor holiday lighting displays are safely secured from the harsh eleme

Unique Lighting Ideas for Christmas - Leviton Blog

Unique Lighting Ideas for Christmas

The best part about the holidays? If you ask us, it’s the chance to deck out our homes and storefronts with beautiful, sparkling lights. There’s just...

Leviton Security & Automation saves the day - Leviton Blog

Home Automation saves the day!

At a recent wedding near New Orleans, a bride was prepping for the ceremony, finalizing make-up and having fun with her family and bridesmaids.

Leviton Omnistat Thermostats - Leviton Blog

Money Saving Smart Thermostats

Ever thought your thermostat could have a brain? How about pick up on the heat and cooling patterns around it?

The Best Backyard Party Tool: Meet the Fire Pit!

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with a backyard or patio, you’ve probably heard of the latest and greatest in backyard party tools.

Swap a Candle for a Puck Light

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Carving: Swap a Candle for a Puck Light

Halloween might be over, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for pumpkins in fall décor.

Holiday Lighting Displays

‘Tis the Season...for Holiday Lighting Displays

Is it just us, or does Christmas come earlier and earlier each year?

Accent Lighting

Change the Look of a Room With Accent Lighting

Ask any interior designer what the single most important design element of a room is and they won’t tell you paint. They won’t tell you furniture.

Habitat for Humanity Homebuilding Projects

Leviton and Shealy Electrical Team Up to Raise the Roof

On Thursday, October 24th in Charlotte, North Carolina, a local family realized their long-awaited dream of homeownership when Stewart G

Leviton Dimmers

What Dimmer To Buy: A Residential Buying Guide

Looking to save money on your energy bill and hoping to do the planet some good while doing so?