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At a recent wedding near New Orleans, a bride was prepping for the ceremony, finalizing make-up and having fun with her family and bridesmaids. Suddenly, as they were all gleefully admiring the dress she was about to don, the bride realized she had left her veil at home, an hour and a half away from the venue!   

The bride and bridesmaids scurried for their phones, calling and texting everyone that might still be near the missing veil - to no avail. They finally got in touch with the father of the groom, who offered to make the drive and save the day.  Except the house was brand new, and he had no key to the door or security code to access the home. He knew there wasn’t enough time to drive to the wedding venue to grab a key, back to the house to open up, and back to the venue before the ceremony began.

Thankfully, the new home had just been outfitted with Leviton Security & Automation, with tie-ins to third party products. The groom, while inside a moving vehicle on his way to be married, was able to open the Leviton app on his phone, unlock the front door, and de-activate the Leviton security system. He could even watch the process live thanks to Leviton surveillance cameras!  As his father was exiting, the groom locked the door, armed the alarm, and re-confirmed to his bride via text that the veil was on the way. Not even married, and already ingratiated for a lifetime thanks to a smart home from Leviton!

LSA Wedding

LSA Wedding