Thanksgiving Pumpkin Carving: Swap a Candle for a Puck Light

Swap a Candle for a Puck Light

Halloween might be over, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for pumpkins in fall décor. In fact, pumpkins make for a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving, especially when paired with beautiful harvested corn and autumn foliage. There’s really nothing prettier than an all natural fall centerpiece at the Thanksgiving table, and a well-carved pumpkin can make for a great statement maker at the front door. If you’re considered incorporating a carved pumpkin into your Thanksgiving décor, but are worried about having an open flame amongst your perfectly roasted turkey and sweet potato casserole, fear not. We’ve got a great option for you.

Thanksgiving Place Setting

Our puck lights are the perfect alternative to the traditional candle votive, offering a safe and fire-free option to light up your jack-o-lantern for the holidays. Small and battery-operated, puck lights are also a great lighting option for a variety of home spaces including closets, cabinets, hallways and more. Any dark corner or out of the way spot is perfect for these convenient battery-operated  LED utility lights. An adhesive mounting strip allows you put them just about anywhere, whether it’s under the cabinet or in a dark linen closet. Simply push on and push off to use, and replace the three AAA batteries whenever they run out. With no extra wiring and no hassle, puck lights make lighting easy.

Leviton Puck Light

To utilize in your pumpkin, simply carve and clean it out as you usually would, then place a small puck light inside. To turn on, simply tap when ready, and voila! A lighted pumpkin that’s safe.