GFCI and Tamper-Resistant Receptacles for a Safer Home

Tech Talk – GFCI and Tamper-Resistant Receptacles for a Safer Home

Without the proper safeguards, simple use of an outlet may lead to an electrical shock or burn due to improper use or to adverse conditions like da

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

As a national child safety expert, I hear from parents all the time that they’re surprised by something that their child has done.

Industrial Grade Receptacles Now Tamper-Resistant - Leviton Blog

Industrial Grade Receptacles Now Available in Tamper-Resistant Configurations!

An important change in the 2014 National Electrical Code necessitates the installation of tamper-resistant receptacles in other occupancy types bey

Designing a Safe Nursery - Leviton Blog

Designing a Safe Nursery

One of the best things when you’re pregnant is designing the nursery and deciding on the theme.

DIY Home Safety Makeovers - Leviton Blog

DIY Home Safety Makeovers

Along with blogging and speaking about safety issues as The Safety Mom, I’m the founder of Safety Mom Solutions, a baby proofing company servicing

How Tamper Resistant Receptacles Work - Leviton Blog

How Tamper Resistant Receptacles Work

Leviton makes it easy for you to comply with the 2008 NEC mandate for TR Receptacles in all new residential housing.

Leviton Catches Olympic Fever - Leviton Blog

Leviton Catches Olympic Fever

Have you caught Olympic fever? Here at Leviton, we sure have!

NEC Codes - Leviton Blog

Are You Up To Code?

Leviton is committed to your safety, and a key aspect of that commitment involves making sure

Holiday Lighting Displays

‘Tis the Season...for Holiday Lighting Displays

Is it just us, or does Christmas come earlier and earlier each year?

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting Effects Outside Your Home

You put a lot of time and energy into projects in and around your home during the daytime - things that people can see when it's light outside.