Are You Up To Code?

NEC Codes - Leviton Blog

Leviton is committed to your safety, and a key aspect of that commitment involves making sure our products meet all the latest codes and standards. In the updated 2011 version of the National Electrical Code, tamper-resistant receptacle requirements expanded into a number of commercial facilities, such as dwelling units (406.12), guest rooms in hotels and motels (406.13) and child care facilities (406.14). As more states and municipalities adopt the 2008 & 2011 NEC codes, the use of tamper-resistant receptacles will increase to comply with these code changes. 

At Leviton we want to bring you options that exceed electrical standards, and we have expanded our receptacle offering with Commercial Spec Grade tamper-resistant side wired receptacles to make these choices that are not only code compliant and safety focused, but cost conscious as well. Additionally, we have redesigned our Commercial Spec Grade back and side wired (TBR) receptacles to improve the overall performance— all to ensure that not only do you have more choices, but smarter choices that are up to date with NEC code requirements. 

For information about which electrical codes are enforced where, click here for a map of the NEC code adoption by state.