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Leviton Catches Olympic Fever - Leviton Blog

Have you caught Olympic fever? Here at Leviton, we sure have! There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the best-of-the-best, competing side-by-side on the world stage where the winner has just the edge it takes to pull off the victory. So, that got us thinking. We have great products, wouldn’t it be fun to stage our own Leviton Olympics!

Our first event is switches. Our Standard grade switches are built to last and are perfect for most household uses. Next, our Preferred grade switches kick it up a notch with heavy-duty steel mounting straps and back and side wire terminals and Quickwire™ push-in wiring for easy installation. The ultimate edge goes to our decorative Decora® switches. They add a fabulous finishing touch and coordinate with our Decora line of energy saving lighting controls.

Leviton Switches

Forget the Downhill; we’re moving on to Outlets! Leviton Standard grade outlets are the perfect solution for all your general household needs. Got high traffic areas in the home?  Our Preferred outlets have heavy-duty contacts to hold plugs tight and an impact resistant face and body (not sure we can say the same about the Downhill guy). But, safety matters and the added protection provided by Leviton SmartlockPro® GFCI outlets in wet and damp areas of the home move them up on the podium. Adding some edge-of-your-seat excitement is, you guessed it, Decora! Once again, adding a decorative touch to outlets that no designer can pass by. This one is too close for us to call.

Leviton Outlets

Up in the announcer’s booth our superstars are busy tooting their own horns.

The Leviton AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter) Outlet is all about being an industry first in detecting dangerous arc-faults at the outlet level. Designed to identify potentially dangerous arc-faults and respond by interrupting power to help prevent arc-faults that may lead to a fire, the SmartlockPro AFCI Outlet certainly deserves a medal.

Not one to be upstaged, the Renu® team of switches, dimmers and outlets is busy showing off how their device faces can be snapped off and changed to a new color anytime (even by amateurs). From Pebble Grey to Red Delicious, Team Renu is all about using the power of the electrical device to accessorize a room.  With 20 popular colors to choose from Renu gets the gold for updating the look of a room in a snap!

Leviton Renu - Pebble Grey to Red Delicious

Chiming in is the Universal Lighting Controls team. Leviton Universal dimmers, sensors and timers can’t be beat for their versatility and compatibility with all types of bulbs. Whether you choose incandescent, CFL or LED bulbs, Leviton Universal lighting controls are up to the challenge. So enjoy the ambiance created by dimmers and the convenience and safety of motion sensors and timers anywhere in the home. 

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Visit Leviton.com and check out all the great Leviton products – they’re all winners in our book!