Industrial Grade Receptacles Now Available in Tamper-Resistant Configurations!

Industrial Grade Receptacles Now Tamper-Resistant - Leviton Blog

An important change in the 2014 National Electrical Code necessitates the installation of tamper-resistant receptacles in other occupancy types beyond dwelling units.

Tamper-resistant receptacles help prevent children from inserting objects into receptacles in dwelling units, hotels, motels, suites, and childcare facilities. Although the requirement for these receptacles in homes is fairly new, the safety benefits are a clear indication of why the NEC® is expanding the requirement across occupancy types.

With growing tamper-resistant receptacle requirements, we have introduced our NEW Industrial Grade Duplex Receptacles with tamper-resistant shutters. These receptacles are perfect for use in abusive applications such as Educational and Health Care Facilities as well as Transportation Centers, as they work with the 2014 NEC® to address electrical safety issues and improve protection for all. 

Do you agree with stricter requirements for tamper-resistant receptacles in public places? Share your feelings with us below!