Top Reasons to Get a Home Automation System

Top Reasons to Get a Home Automation System

To many homeowners, the idea of an automated home is a lot like the plot of a bad science fiction novel: technology takes over the house, turning lights on at odd hours and blasting heat on 100 degree days. Fortunately, new technology has overcome the limitations of old, outdated systems and modern home automation systems are not only easy to control and install, but adds value to homes.

Homeowners can appreciate a smartly designed home automation system for their convenience and practicality. HVAC and lights can be controlled from a smart device, providing security and peace of mind. Once considered a luxury, home automation is now a smart decision every homeowner should make to add value and security to their home.

Top Reasons to Get a Home Automation System:

  1. Boosts Efficiency—increase efficiency by saving electricity and control multiple functions with one touch of a button
  2. Convenience—monitor and manage all types of electronics including lights, thermostats, AV equipment and more from your mobile device or tablet
  3. Delivers Comfort—actively monitor and manage electronic devices, set light schedules, control thermostats and activate music for maximum comfort and control at your command
  4. Provides Peace of Mind—monitor different areas of your home from a mobile device or tablet and set alerts for break-in attempts and water leaks
  5. Saves Energy—reduce energy waste by automatically adjusting the thermostat based on the time of day, open and close shades to take advantage of daylight, adjust lights to reduce electricity usage and keep your family’s budget in check

Top Reasons to Get a Home Automation System

An expertly-installed home automation system gives homeowners peace of mind and comfort while delivering energy savings. Control lights, networked cameras and more from any smart device while you’re away from the house, at work or on vacation.


Safe and Secure Home Automation Solution

What’s the perfect home automation solution? The Leviton Omni Security System coordinates security, energy and entertainment systems in one, easily accessible package. The Omni System is scalable for everything from townhomes to warehouses with pricing that fits everyone’s budget. 

OmniPro II

  • Designed for larger homes, supports up to 176 zones of security plus dozens of thermostats and lighting controls as well as access control readers
  • Connect third party controls wireless door locks, A/V and more

Omni IIe

  • Ideal for mid-range homes, the Omni IIe delivers connections for security devices, thermostats, lighting controls, internet, and backup batteries
  • Connect to additional control devices to create a comprehensive automation system

Omni LTe

  • Connect to your home network via an Ethernet port to control lights, TV volume or adjust thermostat from any smart device without any monthly fees

Safe and Secure Home Automation Solutions


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