Whole-Home Music in Three Foolproof Steps

Whole-Home Music in Three Foolproof Steps

We’ve all been there: listening to our favorite saved and streamed playlists on our phones, wishing we could bring this spectacular mix of songs out of our headphones and into our home. Listening to your favorite pop tunes while you cook dinner. Relaxing to jazz and a glass of Pinot in your living room. Drifting off to sleep with soft instrumentals, all automated and streamed directly from your smart devices. No CDs, no wires. Freedom and pure atmosphere.

Sounds like a major out-of-reach upgrade? Think again! Bring your home soundtrack dreams to life with the Hi-Fi 2 system from Leviton, which allows you to stream music into any room in your home wirelessly via Bluetooth® technology. The best part? It’s affordable and easy to install, a process we break down in three simple steps.  

  1. Choose your scalable solution
    Your home audio solution is based around the Leviton Hi-Fi 2 distributed audio system, which is available in 4-zone and 8-zone versions, depending on how large your home is and how many different rooms of sound you want to have. From there, you’ll need speakers (either JBL Built-In Indoor Speakers or JBL Outdoor Speakers for decks, patios and backyards) and remote input modules (available with Bluetooth compatibility for streaming music directly from smart devices)
    Leviton HiFi-2 Solution
  2. Install system and connect devices
    All speakers and remote input modules wire back to the Hi-Fi 2 via CAT5 and speaker wire. From there, it’s only a matter of linking your smart device to the home system via Bluetooth. Open your Bluetooth settings, pair the home system, and you’re ready to go. You can also use a 3.5mm jack to plug in audio source via hard-wire, like TVs, CD or Blu-Ray players.
  3. Send out your party invites

It’s time to host a dance party with your new whole-home music system! Put together your playlists and gather your friends!

Of course, you can always throw an impromptu party whenever the mood strikes.

Whole-Home Music

The Hi-Fi 2 Distributed audio system leads the industry in home sound automation:

  • Free app control—adjust and control the home sound system via our free app for iOS and Android smart devices
  • Expanded integration—also integrates with Leviton Omni and BitWise automation systems for scalable AV and security control, and to activate music based on times or events
  • Cool and compact—super efficient, cool-running digital amplification—this is the most compact system on the market today!
  • Accepts local and remote inputs—hard-wired sound inputs or stream via Bluetooth—whichever works best for you and your music

For more on Hi-Fi 2 solutions, visit Leviton.com/automation.