Pros and Cons of Home Automation Apps

Pros and Cons of Home Automation Apps

The popularity of smart, automated devices like thermostats and security cameras makes it easier than ever to adjust your home automation system with the tap of a finger on any smart device. Easy-to-use apps are within everyone’s reach, offering simple and convenient controls for adjusting your thermostat while on vacation or remotely turning lights off when someone has left them on.

As convenient as these do-it-yourself systems are for homeowners, they come with challenges and learning curves that need to be addressed in order to make the most of your home automation investment.


  • Individual devices are not an integrated system—your smart thermostat might allow you to adjust the temperature from your tablet or smart device but it doesn’t tell you if a window was left open or that the security system is disarmed
  • Individual devices require separate apps—having to open multiple apps to control the thermostat, security, lights, AV, and other devices makes it inefficient and awkward, clutters your smart phone or tablet, and forces you to learn different control menus


  • Integrated systems—a fully programmed custom home automation system knows the status of each device and how they fit together in the whole system; devices “talk” to one another seamlessly producing optimal, energy-saving settings and convenient control
  • Multiple options for controls—connect your heating and air conditioning system, security, lighting and AV controls from one central processor; control it all from a smart device, keypad, touch panel or handheld remote

Choosing a smart, integrated solution delivers a home automation system that’s tailored, personalized and intuitive to your needs.

A truly integrated system gives complete control of your home’s automation system

A truly integrated system gives you complete control of your home’s automation system via a smartphone or tablet with the convenience of using only ONE app.


Complete Automated Control from One App

Leviton home automation systems are smart investments for homeowners looking for a complete integrated solution. Leviton automation devices offer seamless communication with access from ONE app to optimize settings and reduce the frustration of switching between apps for individual devices.  Control HVAC, security, lighting and AV systems from any smart device and maintain the comfort of your home while saving energy and money!  In addition, when compared to other professional automation systems, Leviton home automation has no fees, licenses or contracts associated with the app and you can control multiple properties including vacation homes/businesses with the same app. Users pay a one-time fee of $20-$25 for each account.


Omnistat2 Thermostats

  • Schedule HVAC activity for each day of the week making it flexible enough for family members with varying schedules
  • Control temperature and humidity using your smart device or tablet and receive email, text, or phone call notification of temperature and water monitoring alarms

Hi-Fi 4x4

  • Use the free app to select music and control volume as you Bluetooth stream your favorite music from a smart device in different parts of your home
  • As part of a larger Leviton automated system, you can schedule audio systems to turn off at bedtime or turn on your favorite music to wake you up in the morning as the shades open and the lighting gently ramps up

Home Automation Apps on your Smartphone


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