Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

As a national child safety expert, I hear from parents all the time that they’re surprised by something that their child has done.

Universal Design - Leviton Blog

Universal Design Makes Living Easier for Every Age and Ability

Have you ever heard the phrase Universal Design?  If you haven’t, chances are you will soon. The U.S.

Industrial Grade Receptacles Now Tamper-Resistant - Leviton Blog

Industrial Grade Receptacles Now Available in Tamper-Resistant Configurations!

An important change in the 2014 National Electrical Code necessitates the installation of tamper-resistant receptacles in other occupancy types bey

Designing a Safe Nursery - Leviton Blog

Designing a Safe Nursery

One of the best things when you’re pregnant is designing the nursery and deciding on the theme.

National Safety Month - Leviton Blog

National Safety Month

June is National Safety month, and Alison Rhodes-Jacobson, The Safety Mom, has a host of tips, tricks, and advice on electrical and home safety. When...

Outdoor Outlet Check - Leviton Blog

Outdoor Outlet Check

Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to start preparing your outdoor spaces for the warmer months ahead. While you are putting together...

DIY Home Safety Makeovers - Leviton Blog

DIY Home Safety Makeovers

Along with blogging and speaking about safety issues as The Safety Mom, I’m the founder of Safety Mom Solutions, a baby proofing company servicing

Review electrical safety practices - Leviton Blog

Tis the season to review electrical safety practices

Each May, Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) celebrates National Electrical Safety Month to raise awareness about e

The Benefits of Dimmer Switches - Leviton Blog

The Benefits of Dimmer Switches

Even though Earth Day has passed, helping keep our planet green should be a year-round consideration.

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My Vlog

Hear what I have to say about our Leviton's new Humidity Sensor and Fan Control,