Tis the season to review electrical safety practices

Review electrical safety practices - Leviton Blog

Each May, Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) celebrates National Electrical Safety Month to raise awareness about electrical hazards. ESFI provides industry codes and regulations, standards and best practices, statistics and safety devices to promote electrical safety at work, home and your community.

At Leviton, we know that eliminating electrical hazards begins with education and awareness.  We want to help spread the word about National Electrical Safety Month and share our own products and tips for electrical safety. 

  • As the warm weather approaches, temporary power products like single pole devices, portable outlet boxes and GFCIs and corrosion-resistant wiring devices provide safe and reliable electrical connections for entertainment venues like outdoor concerts and local carnivals.
  • Portable GFCIs are the leading safety devices when working in potentially hazardous construction sites.  These devices are compliant with OSHA guidelines to ensure worker safety and prevent job related accidents by providing ground-fault protection. 
  • For optimal protection against power surges, we recommend implementing a whole house surge protective networkThis includes 3 types of surge protective devices to effectively protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from the damaging effects of surges.
  • In industrial process environments, heavy duty safety disconnect switches and manual motor controllers cut power to the circuit for equipment servicing and provide manual ON/OFF switching control of bottling lines, pumping machines, and air compressors.

Review electrical safety practices

Increasing electrical safety awareness, following safety guidelines, and using protective devices help to prevent electrical hazards no matter the application. Is your job celebrating National Electrical Safety Month?  Let us know what electrical safety practices you’re using at work or at home.