Keep an Eye on Home Wherever You Roam with Omni Security and Automation

Keep an Eye on Home Wherever You Roam with Omni Security and Automation

Whether you’re called away for business travel or a dream vacation, the necessity to be away from home is a part of modern-day life. While those trips can be beneficial, informative and enjoyable, they can also be a source of worry when belongings, pets and loved ones are left behind. Being unable to see and control what’s happening in our home is a strong source of stress for many of us.

Fortunately technology is starting to catch up with our globe-trotting lifestyles, and Leviton is leading the way in making travel safer for you and your family. With cameras, intercoms and automatic home alerts, you can keep a watchful eye on your property from the train, airport, hotel, Uber, or sandy tropical beach cabana!   

Keep an Eye on Home Wherever You Roam

Keep People and Property Safe

  • Alert emergency personnel with the simple push of Police, Fire, and Emergency Quick Buttons
  • Confirm whether doors are locked and either unlock or lock any door from a single menu
  • Monitor crisp, live IP surveillance video footage without any additional hardware
  • Receive email or text alerts when a child arrives home from school, then check camera to ensure all is well
  • See who is ringing doorbells with video and two-way conversations, with the ability to touchscreen control and unlock doors for friendly visitors (maintenance, babysitters, etc.) or immediately alert authorities if presented with a security threat
  • Adjust lighting loads from 0-100% to mimic being home
  • Activate preset scenes to greet family members when they return home or give the illusion that you’re on-site for added security
  • Watch nanny-cam style footage to ensure that all is well for pets and children in your absence

Make Sure Things Run Comfortably

  • Manage fans, thermostats and window coverings to accommodate weather changes
  • Automatically adjust lights, temperature, A/V, window coverings and more from anywhere in the world


Leviton Security Solutions with Omni Systems

Outfit your home with camera, intercom and remote adjustments with the Omni flagship security and automation system. Boasting a robust feature set, it can control numerous devices and centralize lighting, temperatures, security, energy, and entertainment control.

  • Control by schedule, motion detection, door openings, sunrise/sunset, alarm activation and more
  • Adjust settings easily while at home or away
  • Add dimmers, switches, remote controls, thermostats and plug-in modules for precise, energy-saving control throughout the home
  • Detect intrusion, smoke/fire, carbon monoxide, water, vehicles, motion, and other hazards—receive alerts for any and all activities
  • Add surveillance cameras and intercom stations for added security and communication

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