Color Trends

Color Trends - Leviton Blog

People get emotional about color. It is amazing how color can evoke feelings. It can make you feel calm, or happy, or even hungry. What are the color trends for this year? Here are a few:

It Is Easy Being Green

Green evokes feelings of happiness and makes us think of nature.

Green - Bedroom

There are so many shades of green from which to choose. You could go bold, like my daughter's room above or this chair from Ikea:

Or you could go softer, with a mint green, like in this kitchen:

Earthy Colors

Like greens, warm browns, oranges, yellows, and neutrals are popular - whether in a bedroom:

Or in a bathroom:

In a kitchen:

Or even in a dining room:

Earth tones make us feel calm, warm, and cozy.

Go Bold and Go Home

Bold colors are making a statement this year.

Deep, saturated colors are being used all over the house. Pinks, blues, greens, corals, and yellows - bright and bold work in decor.

What works well with these bold colors is contrast. Contrast a bold color with a neutral, such as coral with gray:

White and orange:

Blues with white and wood:

Even purple with neutrals for an cool and calming look, like in this bathroom:

What colors do you like to use in your home? Cool grays? Warm neutrals? Bright, bold pinks and blues? Let me know in the comments below.