The Colors of our Home

The Colors of our Home - Leviton Blog

When we moved into our home (i.e., Dogs Don't Eat Pizza HQ), every room, except the living room, was yellow. Banana yellow. The living room was beige. We needed paint and fast!  I chose colors that coordinated to create a consistent, but not too "matchy," palette.

Here are the colors in our home. All of the trim is Ultra Pure White by Behr in a semi-gloss finish. All paint is no-VOC.

In the kitchen and breakfast room:


I used Sesame by Benjamin Moore in eggshell finish.  Eggshell finish is good for kitchens, baths, and hallways because it's easy to wipe clean.


In our dining room, I used Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, also in eggshell finish:

Dining Room

Dining Room

In our living room, the paint color is Bleeker Beige by Benjamin Moore in satin finish:

Living Room

The color reminds me of coffee with milk in it.

The paint in the master bedroom is Gentle Rain by Behr in eggshell finish:


The stripes are Porpoise by Behr - one shade darker on the paint chip than Gentle Rain - in eggshell finish and the stencil is done in the same color as the wall color.

My son's room is painted Blue Springs by Benjamin Moore in eggshell finish:

Son's Room

My daughter's room has an interesting story behind it.

Daughter's room

My daughter wanted her entire room painted bright green. I explained that it would look like a cave if we did that - it would be too dark. The stripe was the compromise.

The paint on the wall is Ultra White by Olympic in satin finish; the stripe is Grass Stain by Valspar in satin finish.

The kids' bathroom paint is Morning Jog by Behr in eggshell finish:


As you can see, I prefer lighter colors on the wall (except, of course, in my daughter's room where she picked the color). I use bolder colors in the accessories in each room.

What about you? Do you like bold wall colors or lighter ones? Do you paint the trim? Let me know in the comments below.