Winter Vacation? Keep an Eye on Your Home With Home Automation

Keep an Eye on Your Home With Home Automation - Leviton Blog

Planning a family trip for February break? Make sure your home is secure with a home automation system. Our Omni home control systems go beyond the average security system. They feature built-in UL Listed, CP-01 compliant security and fire systems to detect intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, water and other home hazards through wire and wireless sensors. These systems help to keep your family and your home safe, so there’s one less thing to worry about when you’re out of town and enjoying your vacation.

Omni systems provide the ultimate in safety, thanks to features not found in a standard security systems. For example, these Omni systems will turn on not just outside but also inside lights in the event of a security alarm. You can set them to turn off your air conditioner in the event of a fire in order to prevent the spreading of smoke throughout the home. They’re also totally personalized. Your system can be set up to notify you by telephone, email, internet surveillance or central monitoring of an alarm event.

While away from home, you can log in to check or change the security, temperature and light settings.

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The system can also call or email you alerts. Want to know when your kids get home from school? The system can tell you. It’ll tell you when an alarm has gone off, and backup power resources ensure that it works even when the lights go out. Meanwhile, the cellular communication center communicates alarm conditions using a GSM cellular network when the land line or cable phone service has been cut – so you’ll never have to worry about the system letting you down.

In short, a home automation system operates as the eyes and the ears of your home, taking care of things when you’re away, and ensuring all is well and safe.

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