OmniTouch 7 Table Top Enclosure

Leviton OmniTouch 7 Table Top Enclosure

Ever wanted total control over your boardroom from a dedicated touchscreen at your fingertips? Or perhaps a touchscreen on your bedside table for those times when you hear a bump in the night? Perhaps you are in a temporary space or retrofitting a concrete building and can’t cut a hole in the wall?

Leviton has just introduced a table top display - available in white or black - for use with the award-winning OmniTouch 7 Touchscreens!

Leviton OT 7 Stand

The OmniTouch 7 can be utilized with either the Omni security & automation system, the BitWise AV controllers, or the Lumina Gateway energy management system, providing proper interfaces for security, energy, or entertainment-focused automation systems. Complete command over your environment using Leviton automation and convenient interfaces. Adjust channels, temperatures, lights, and much more.

The OmniTouch 7 on your tabletop – always there, always on, always ready.

Leviton OT 7 Stand