Personalize Energy Tracking with Tenant Billing

Personalize Energy Tracking with Tenant Billing

Apartments, condos and multi-dwelling units create communities of people with a wide variety of needs and habits. Some tenants work during the day, while others remain at home. While some may be habitual energy-savers, opting slippers and blankets over a thermostat adjustment, others don’t think twice about adding a few extra degrees to their unit.

Thermostat Adjustment

Although HVAC and lighting adjustments are made to suit individual preferences, many buildings use a blanket approach to energy billing. By metering the entire facility, tenants who make concentrated efforts to conserve, or aren’t around to consume energy, burden the cost of heavy-drawing neighbors.

The solution? Meter tenants individually and generate a customized bill for each of them! Tenants only pay for the energy they use, inspiring heavy users to save and rewarding those that do.

How do you set up and implement a tenant billing strategy for your facility? Leviton is your one-stop smart solution for all the components you’ll need to kick off a new, equitable energy billing strategy with an easy VerifEye™ Submetering Solutions retrofit.

Tenant Billing

0.5% Mini Meter: Collects revenue-grade energy usage data from individual tenants.

  • Meet the rigorous ANSI 12.20 Class 0.5% standard for electrical measuring and performance, making this a truly accurate, revenue-grade meter
  • Eliminate manual meter checks with an Isolated Pulse Output channel for automated meter reading
  • Install almost anywhere with a compact footprint designed for simple retrofitting

Wireless Repeater: Receives and transmits signals from the various mini meters.

Wireless Data Concentrating Access Point (DCAP): Receives data from all area transceivers and transmits it for use in BillSuite Software.

BillSuite Software: Automates the tenant billing process by eliminating manual meter readings and generating bills.

  • Generate monthly energy bills for each tenant, which reflect their actual energy usage
  • Improve cash flow and increase net operating income
  • Eliminate uncertainty of variable utility costs
  • Delegate energy usage accountability to tenants
  • Improve tenant satisfaction, retention and property values
  • Identify and fix energy waste, reducing overall costs

BillSuite Software

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