The Perks of FREE Energy Monitoring with Submetering Solutions

Energy Monitoring and BMO 2.0

Did you know? When you purchase any VerifEye Hub from Leviton, access to BMO 2.0 web-based software is included FREE! BMO 2.0 is designed to make measurement and verification simple, and expands a facility’s submeters and hubs into a full energy monitoring system.

VerifEye BMO HUB

But why exactly should you be monitoring energy? The truth is, there are numerous reasons to keep close tabs on your facility’s energy trends.

Plan Your Energy Management Upgrade: Before starting a project, submetering equipment and software can be utilized to understand how energy is used in a facility and guide the solution strategy. Spot energy-wasting areas and precisely eliminate them!

Track Your Energy Conservation Progress: Have you recently retrofitted your facility with new technologies like smart centralized controls, photocells and occupancy sensors? Prove the effectiveness of these efforts by tracking the building’s energy usage over time.

Properly Allocate Costs: Receive an accurate detail of energy use and demand from specific circuits or areas in a complete building or complex in order to allocate costs to specific departments or tenants. Improve budgets and recoup costs with revenue-grade metering.

Cost-Effective Green Building: Submetering is the most cost-effective tool to gain LEED points and achieve green building initiatives.

Local Law and Code Compliance: New legislation, such as New York’s Local Law 88 and California Title 24 2013, require submetering capabilities for applicable commercial applications. Refer to your local energy code for the latest information on compliance.

BMO System Setup

Submetering is refreshingly simple—collect energy usage data with a meter, which is connected to a hub. The hub gathers and transfers the data into information that can be viewed from any PC with Free BMO 2.0 software. With BMO 2.0, you can perform a wide range of energy-tracking functions:

  • Set alarms and view graphical data in intervals ranging from one hour to one year
  • View a daily summary of load profiles to help identify high and low consumption days
  • Review visual daily trending patterns
  • Prove the effects of energy conservation measures by tracking load profiles over a given time period
  • Quickly view any building or end-user summaries
  • Export data to spreadsheets for analysis
  • Plot charts to show trends and analytics
  • Set date ranges to display information
  • Copy and paste graphs into your own reports with BMO’s convenient legends

BMO Screenshot

Visit for tips on picking the right submetering component solutions for your facility. Ready to start your system? Our new BMO tutorial video guides you through setting up a new account and assigning devices to receive real-time tracking information. Watch your energy savings soar with VerifEye and BMO 2.0!

BMO Video