How to Protect Outdoor Electrical Receptacles

How to Protect Outdoor Electrical Receptacles

Take a walk outside and you’ll see people glued to their phones, computers and tablets.

Enjoying a Father’s Day BBQ - Leviton Blog

Enjoying a Father’s Day BBQ

It is what it is. Mothers get treated to dinner, enjoy bouquets of flowers and get to “rest” on Mother’s Day. Fathers on the other hand…

The Best Backyard Party Tool: Meet the Fire Pit!

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with a backyard or patio, you’ve probably heard of the latest and greatest in backyard party tools.

Family Night Outdoors

Bring Family Night Outdoors This Fall

Looking to make your patio furniture do double duty from summer into fall? We don’t blame you!

Backyard Cleanup Tips

Backyard Cleanup 101: Five Tips for Fall

Now that fall is upon us, so is backyard cleanup.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting Effects Outside Your Home

You put a lot of time and energy into projects in and around your home during the daytime - things that people can see when it's light outside.

Fall Cleanup 101

Fall Cleanup 101

3 DIY Projects to Get Your Home in Shape for Fall | You know how everyone always talks about the importance of spring-cleaning? Of freshening up your...

Closing the Pool

Closing the Pool for Winter

Ah, September. It’s one of our favorite months of the year, the air a crisp reminder that fall is surely on the way.