Enjoying a Father’s Day BBQ

Enjoying a Father’s Day BBQ - Leviton Blog

It is what it is. Mothers get treated to dinner, enjoy bouquets of flowers and get to “rest” on Mother’s Day. Fathers on the other hand…

You know the drill. The annual Father’s Day backyard BBQ where, go figure, dad does all the work! Sure, as a dad you may receive a nice new necktie or a new set of golf balls but somehow you still have to fire up the grill and sweat it out.

Father’s Day backyard BBQ

Since this won’t change any time soon here are a few tips to keep your big BBQ event safe on Father’s Day and throughout the year.

  • Keep you grill well maintained with regular cleanings and checks of all hoses and connections
  • Always place a BBQ on level ground, sheltered from wind gusts and well away from anything flammable like garden sheds, vegetation, fences, etc…
  • Keep all BBQ equipment – especially lighter fluids and matches – out of the reach of children
  • Allow hot ashes or coal to cool for 48 hours before removing them
  • Be certain all outdoor outlets are GFCI outlets and marked “WR” for weather-resistant”. They should be protected by Extra-Duty While-in-Use Covers for optimal safety

Leviton Extra-Duty While-in-Use Covers

Leviton wishes all the Dads a great and safe Father’s Day. And, the upside of the BBQ is that you don’t have to wear the new necktie!

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