New Lumina RF Wireless Wall Box Dimmers, plus Plug-In Dimmer

New Lumina RF Wireless Wall Box Dimmers, plus Plug-In Dimmer

Now you can control dimmable LED or incandescent bulbs based on schedule or occupancy. Whether full phase control or 0-10V. Whether a hard-wired overhead loads, or a plug-in floor or table lamp.

Joining the Lumina RF lighting and load control product family are three new dimmers created for small business automation of restaurants, offices, and retail storefronts. Many business owners are enjoying the existing 0-10V Dimmer and the wall box or plug-in switch. Now they can easily add 300W Plug-in Dimmers to their Lumina Gateway eco-systems and enable the connected load to dim or brighten based on a schedule. A 600W and a 1000W Decora Smart dimmer feature a new appearance, with hidden LED status feedback to display brightness along the left hand side, and an improved dimmer bar function along the right hand side.

The plug-in dimmer is perfect for floor lighting in the front lobby or the lamp on the accountant’s desk. You can conveniently press the button on the front of the device to turn the connected item on or off, often called manual load control.

The Lumina Gateway and Lumina RF wireless devices are available now, along with the new Leviton Cloud Services website and app. Installers can easily automate lights to illuminate upon motion, thermostats to activate based on occupancy, signage to active based on schedules, and provide advanced features via subscription services. 

Learn more at the new Lumina Gateway and Lumina RF eco-system website at