Get (Remote) Control of Your Business - In One Location or Multiple Properties

Get (Remote) Control of Your Business - In One Location or Multiple Properties

Automated workplaces save time, energy, and money. Designed for effortless automation and intuitive control, Lumina RF products simplify the end user experience. Whether you have one office, multiple businesses and locations, or a chain operation such as restaurants, automating your business is a smart move. 

Have your property react based on schedules and/or occupancy to make your workplace more efficient, secure, and hopefully – effective and fun! Provide unique access to each store, district, regional, or corporate employee. Appreciate free mobile access to multiple locations for control and monitoring. Open your Leviton Cloud Services app or access the website to dim lights, adjust temperatures, and review activity logs.

Leviton Lumina Gateway family

The Leviton Lumina Gateway is a wireless energy management automation system complete with thermostats, occupancy and door contact sensors, lighting controls, heavy-duty load controls, and window coverings. The mesh network enabled system provides reliable automation based on times and tasks to turn lights off at a certain time each night, adjust thermostats each morning, and provide remote access to access signage, generators, compressors, fountains, water heaters, and more. 

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