Integrating Leviton Products with SmartThings

Integrating Leviton Products with SmartThings

Simple control of your Leviton Z-Wave lighting products just got easier. Leviton’s open-protocol smart light switches, receptacles and plug-in modules now work on the SmartThings platform for smart easy home automation control from one hub.

What is the Samsung SmartThings Hub? 

The SmartThings Hub is the heart of your smart home, connecting wirelessly with hundreds of compatible smart devices including Leviton Z-Wave lighting products. You can monitor, control, and secure your home from any smart device. The SmartThings Hub is simple to install and easy to use with the free SmartThings app.

Use SmartThings and Your Voice to Control Lighting

SmartThings’ capabilities with the Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap allows you to connect your Leviton smart controls and use your voice to control the lights in your house or anything plugged into a Leviton outlet or plug-in module such as table lamps, fans and small appliances.

Just ask Alexa to control your lights:

  • “Alexa, turn on the kitchen light”
  • “Alexa, dim the living room lights to 50%
  • “Alexa, turn off all the lights”

Integrating Leviton Products with SmartThings

How Do Leviton Products Connect to Samsung SmartThings?

Leviton Z-Wave lighting controls provide the highest visual impact for your family and friends, setting the proper scene to automate and schedule your lighting:

  • Turn lights on and off anytime, from anywhere
  • Dim lights to create picture-perfect lighting scenes
  • Easily program lights to respond to related actions such as switching on each time the front door is unlocked
  • Adjust your lights using your voice and the Amazon Echo

To set controls and scenes, start by determining what you want to control:

  • Plug-in modules like the Leviton DZPD3 or DZPA1 allow for quick and easy control over small appliances, table lamps, or devices like fans
  • Take it a step further and install the DZR15 smart receptacle for a built-in professional look whether it’s behind the living room TV or next to the bed
  • Finally, control overhead LED lights with the DZMX1 Dimmer or DZS15 Switch. Pair these devices with screwless Decora® Wallplates for a clean and modern appearance

Wirelessly coordinate lighting in your home or apartment to protect your property, save energy, and make everyday living more fun with app control and the Leviton SmartThings Hub! 

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