The Difference Between Bluetooth and Z-Wave Devices

The Difference Between Bluetooth and Z-Wave Devices

We admit it: knowing the ins and outs of wireless technologies isn’t exactly intuitive. There are many buzzwords floating around out there, and here at Leviton, we often speak of two different wireless technologies that homeowners can use to make their home controls smarter: Bluetooth® and Z-Wave. Although they are both engineered to offer reliable, robust wireless connectivity, there are some specifics that make each option more applicable to certain situations and customer needs. Get smart on home wireless technologies with this easy guide!

Smart Home Control

Leviton Solutions with Bluetooth Technology

  • Uses your smartphone or tablet’s built-in Bluetooth capabilities to pair directly with a single device
  • Designed for convenience—requires very little equipment and instantly connects
  • Lowest cost wireless option
  • Will not work for remote access—Bluetooth’s range is within 30 feet of the device you want to control, so no dimming lights at your house from your beach getaway!
  • Ideal if you don’t need remote access or don’t want to invest in a hub, gateway, or internet connection to the device—your phone is your hub!
  • Best used to replace a timer or add a simple schedule to outdoor lighting—try out Leviton’s Decora® Digital with Bluetooth technology with the DDS15 Decora Digital Switch and 24 Hour Timer
  • To add simple scheduling and wireless control to indoor lighting—try out Leviton’s Decora Digital with Bluetooth technology with the DDMX1 or DDL06-BL Digital Dimmer with Timer

Leviton DDMX1

Leviton Solutions with Z-Wave Technology

  • Works with a variety of smart hubs, gateways, controllers and security systems—if you’ve already started a smart home upgrade project, there’s probably one in your house right now!
  • Remote access and more—set schedules and scenes to enable specific settings to activate by pushbutton or automatic time-of-day
    • Dim lights, raise thermostats, turn off music and TV, and close shades in the evening
    • Activate gradually raised lighting, your favorite wake-up station and raised window shades to greet the morning
    • Create custom settings for Movie Time, Party Scenes and limitless other scenarios
  • Create and control all home settings from any place in the world—designed for customization and flexibility
  • Try out Leviton Z-Wave technology with the VRMX1 Universal Light Switch

Leviton VRMX1

Can I Use Both Technologies?

YES, absolutely! You can mix and match the devices that work best for you. However, they will not speak to each other. Z-Wave will be managed via a hub, and Bluetooth devices will be controlled via the Leviton app. If you’re looking for a fully integrated, comprehensive home automation system, Z-Wave is your best bet.

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