Custom-Configurable, Pre-Terminated Solutions Make Life Easier for Contractors

Make to Order - Custom solutions to meet specific network needs

In previous posts, I wrote about how new Leviton products and our responsive support teams make life easier for contractors and installers. There's also a third way we help contractors: our extensive Make-to-Order program. This program gives you the ability to custom-configure a variety of fiber and copper products, which are then assembled and shipped quickly for fast turnaround.

I recently spoke with Gary Bernstein, Leviton's senior director of product management for fiber and data center, about how our factory-terminated solutions specifically benefit contractors. He said that by using pre-terminated products, small contractors have a more equal playing field when competing for larger projects.

"In data centers where there are many terminations, a project might require 20 techs to perform field terminations — resources a small company can't provide," said Gary. "But with make-to-order pre-terminated assemblies, a contractor could get the same amount of work done on the same schedule with five techs. They can get a foot in the door and potentially be the go-to contractor for future MAC work, resulting in long-term profitability from a valued customer."

Also, next generation fiber systems increasingly rely on MPO/MTP® fiber connectors, and field terminating these connectors requires expensive equipment, such as ribbon splicers. In these applications, it simply makes financial sense for contractors to use pre-terminated assemblies. And Bernstein adds that since cable assembly lengths are typically consistent between cabinets and rows in data centers, it's easy to know the exact length and custom solution you need. "In data centers, the distance between cabinet 1 and 2 is the same as between cabinet 2 and 3. Since you know what lengths you need, having them customer-configured and pre-terminated is a no-brainer," said Bernstein.

It's important to add that even though pre-terminated cables are factory-tested, contractors still play a critical role in performing cleaning and testing. Cable can still be damaged during the delivery and installation, so you need to spend the time on-site to ensure quality and performance after the installation is complete.

How to use a Leviton online configurator
Leviton gives you a wealth of options for configuring pre-terminated patch cords, harnesses, and trunk cables. Just go to and choose the exact specifications you need (e.g., fiber type, cable length, polarity, etc.). Take the resulting model number or part number and submit your quote request to Leviton inside sales or your local Leviton distributor. You can expect a 24-hour turnaround on all quote requests.

We've made building the exact solution for your next install quicker and easier than ever.