Are you ready for Spring?

Are you ready for Spring? - Leviton Blog

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. The crocus is budding, the birds are singing and you’re thinking how am I ever going to get all my spring cleaning done? Tip – it helps to wait for a rainy day. That being said, let’s break it down a bit so as not to be overwhelmed.

A simple start is to change out and wash all the winter linens, drapes, throw pillows and rugs and swap them for your spring collection. This alone will make your home look fresher and inspire you to move forward. While doing this, don’t forget to flip the mattress so it wears evenly.

Spring Cleaning - Laundry

Keeping with the fresh feel, take some time to rotate the items in your closets – packing away heavy winter wear and bringing spring and, yes, maybe a hint of summer wear, front and center. This task also provides a great opportunity to bundle up older clothing you no longer wear and donate it to a worthy charity.

Moving on, and I suggest a really rainy day for this, is the fun task of giving every nook and cranny of your home a good dusting. Start from the top with lighting fixtures and high shelves and work your way down. That way the dust settles and you can run the vacuum over the floors and rugs to pick up all the dust and whatever else was lurking in the shadows. Don’t forget to remove books and knickknacks from the shelves for a thorough job.

Spring Cleaning

Knowing how much you will want to enjoy the spring time sunshine, it’s important to give the windows a good cleaning – screens and all. The old “one part vinegar, one part hot water” makes a great solution for a streak-free shine.  And, it’s environmentally friendly too. The screens may require a little elbow grease and some mild detergent but your efforts will be worth it in the end.

Another important task is to clean out the medicine cabinet, discarding expired medication and beauty products. While you’re at it, update your first-aid kits (human and pet) to make sure all items are fresh and in order so if an emergency arises you’ll be prepared.

These tasks should get you off to a great start. We do have one final, very colorful, suggestion. Swap out your current switches, dimmers and outlets for Renu® devices. Available in 20 popular colors, they turn the average electrical device into a decorative accessory. And, their faces easily snap off so you can update the color at any time for a new look to keep up with the seasons. Best of all, because the faces snap off they are easy to clean. Yes, back to cleaning…at least with Renu, it’s a snap!

Colorful Renu Devices

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