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Kimberlee Martin


Kim is the editor & creative director of the lifestyle blog, The Kim Collective. As an aspiring Interior Designer, Kim’s blog mainly focuses on interior decor, along with a healthy dose of all the things that inspire her along the way. From amazing interior design, simple DIY creativity, awesome recipes, jaw-dropping clothes & accessories, and eye-catching art & photography, this is the place where she shares those beauties with the hope of inspiring you, as well.

When designing a room inside your home, how does color inspire you?
"Color is a great inspiration to me when designing a room in my home. I’m first drawn to identifying the way the space makes me feel and I go from there. Overall, I want my home to feel warm, inviting, and refreshing, not only for me but for my guests, as well. My selection & combination of colors always follows that same theme.
For instance, I wanted my bedroom to feel cozy, inviting, and mature, so I went with a deep moody color for the walls. The deep navy with charcoal undertones that I chose does a perfect job of creating a warm & inviting space that I love to come home to at the end of a long day.
The living and dining areas are spaces that I want to feel fresh and airy, bright & welcoming. Here I choose to use a very pale gray color that almost reads as a white. It provides the perfect backdrop to some of the more colorful elements in the rooms, but it also keeps with that ‘refreshing’ theme.
Wall color, as well as the colors of accessories used, must all complement each other. From the throw pillows to the electrical wallplates, the colors should all tell the same story and make my guests feel just as comfortable as I do. As far as inspiration goes in decorating my home, it all begins & ends with color."

Room: Daughter's bedroom, Hallway
Using Renu Color: White on White

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Before Photos
View the before photos of the bedroom Kimberlee will be working on.



Q&A Session
Kimberlee discusses her plans for the Renu Challenge.