Renu Challenge Designer - Aaron Massey


Aaron Massey


Aaron Massey is a former Reality TV producer turned New Media Producer and all around DIY guy. The grandson of a Master Carpenter and the son of an accomplished builder, Aaron has been remodeling, repairing, and renovating homes since a very early age. Since then, Aaron has launched his own DIY/Repair channel on YouTube, and designs and builds custom furniture pieces in his spare time.

When designing a room inside your home, how does color inspire you?
"When designing a room, one of the first things I think of is how the space will be used and what color would bring life to the space. It sets the tone and energy of the room. Bold colors give high energy to the space while more muted tones bring a peaceful calm. Balancing the two can provide a dynamic feel to the room and create a really engaging space. Adding accents that align with your color scheme completes the total package."

Room: Master Bedroom
Using Renu Color: Sea Spray

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Before Photos
View the before photos of the Master Bedroom Aaron will be working on.



Q&A Session
Aaron discusses his plans for the Renu Challenge.