Renu Challenge Q&A - Aaron Massey


What room will you install your Renu devices in? Why?

I'll be installing the Renu devices in my master bedroom because it's the room I'm currently tackling in my nearly whole house renovation. Installing the Renu devices in the Master will help me bring the dated space into the 21st century with a boost of color and tech. 


Which color(s) did you choose for the Renu devices? Why did you choose these particular colors?

I chose the Sea Spray and White devices to coordinate with the color scheme I've chosen for the space. 


Do you plan on coordinating or contrasting the Renu devices with the walls/surroundings?

I plan to try and coordinate the switches and outlets with the wall color, but utilize contrasting plates with the outlets to help them stand out. If it looks bad, I'll just swap it out with a snap! That's part of the appeal of the product, right?


What is your favorite room in your home to design? Why?

This is a tough one. I'm probably most interested in designing a kick-ass workspace in the garage because I'm a man and that's what men do! But besides that, I probably enjoy designing shared spaces like the living room, kitchen, etc because it's the most public space and creates the biggest conversation.