Whole Home Charging Solutions

A Charger for Every Room in Your Home

These days, just about every home has multiple devices – from phones to tablets, laptops and more – that require daily charging. Leviton has you covered! Our complete line of USB In-Wall Charger Outlets makes it convenient to add a charging station to every room of your home – even the bathroom!  Leviton USB In-Wall Charger Outlets can replace any standard outlet and are easy to install.

Work from home just got easier – get the fastest charge on the market with our new 60W USB Dual Type-C with Power Delivery. It provides 60W of charging on a single port - perfect for charging laptops, tablets and more - and is the industry's first in-wall solution to feature Dynamic Power Sharing, a technology that actively monitors the charge of two connected devices. Once one device reaches 100%, power is automatically reallocated to the remaining device. It’s the perfect solution for your Home Office to keep equipment up and running the entire workday.


Create a nightstand charging station to power up all your devices with the 30W USB Dual Type-C with Power Delivery. It’s perfect for charging two devices at the same time, plus it has two outlets available for other power needs – like a bedside reading lamp.

Countertops, islands and backsplashes – the NEW Combination GFCI/USB Type A/Type-C In-Wall Charger Outlet makes it possible to safely add a USB charging station anywhere GFCI protection is required, including kitchens and bathrooms. For added safety, if a GFCI trip occurs, power is automatically denied to the charging ports to help protect connected devices, and charging will not resume until the GFCI has been reset. So go ahead, power up your tablet to view the latest recipes right at your kitchen counter.

Leviton USB Charger Devices offer these exciting benefits:

SMART – Built-in smart chip recognizes the individual device’s charging requirements to optimize the charge.

FUTURE FRIENDLY - USB Type-C™ ports provide faster charging. Did you know Type-C is emerging as the standard port on many phones, tablets and laptops?

ENHANCED SAFETY -  Built-in overcurrent protection helps protect electronics from receiving too much power, which can damage the device.

Learn more about all the innovative Leviton solutions for your home at leviton.com/homesafety.

Download our USB Product Brochure today for further details about our complete line of USB Charger Devices.