What Distributors Need to Know to Sell More Products

Why are energy codes important to distributors? Because they’re important to new construction and retrofit projects! Energy standards including IECC and ASHRAE 90.1 are continually being adopted by states and local municipalities, as Leviton’s own John Busch explained recently in an article, “Take Advantage of Energy Codes to Sell More Products, Solutions” for the IMARK Now Summer 2019 issue. “The U.S. Department of Energy recognizes the ASHRAE 90.1 2016 version as the national energy reference standard and by February 27, 2020, all states must adopt a code as stringent as ASHRAE 90.1 2016.”

With a more advanced version of ASHRAE 90.1 becoming mandatory in less than a year, it’s a perfect time to stock up on solutions that help facilities comply with regulations for any application or location, whether it must meet the latest ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, or 2019 Title 24, Part 6 requirements. In the same article, Busch outlined the key product components to offering customers a full suite of smart, scalable, future-proof energy code solutions.

  • Sensors “are the first line of defense for meeting energy code requirements. Newer versions of the codes are requiring sensors as the mandatory control solution in more and more spaces.”
  • Photocells or light sensors “are very prominent in the energy codes. They can be standalone for some very basic daylight harvesting controls or can be used as part of a larger or more complex system.”
  • Room controllers “meet multi-level control requirements for dimming, occupancy/vacancy sensing, partial-ON, partial-OFF, daylight harvesting, receptacle control or plug load control and demand response.”
  • Wireless solutions “allow customers to install solutions without having to run more wires. Wireless sensors offer occupancy or vacancy sensing and multi-zone daylight harvesting capabilities with no additional wiring and, for additional flexibility and scalability, can be added as business needs require and budgets allow.”
  • Integrated and intelligent fixture control systems “allow one installation to deliver luminaire and multi-zone control with dimming, occupancy/vacancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and scene control for a future-proof system that can be configured to meet ever-changing business needs.”
  • Relay panels or centralized systems “are perfect for meeting time-of-day or time switch requirements…[they are] ideal for controlling large groups of loads like parking garages, site lighting and open office areas that need to be controlled ON and OFF…these are ideal for advanced dimming, daylight harvesting, demand response, part night time and intricate advanced scheduling capabilities.”
  • Distributed controls “provide more flexibility and granularity of control with addressable devices.”
  • Energy monitoring “comprehensively address meter hardware, data acquisition products and web-based software to meet energy metering requirements for data acquisition, storage and reporting.” 

distributors sell more products

Your One-Stop Source for Code Compliant Solutions and Services

Be prepared for any customer’s code compliance needs by stocking Leviton solutions, specifically engineered to meet the latest versions of codes. From the industry’s largest variety of occupancy and vacancy sensor SKUs to revolutionary room controls such as the GreenMAX DRC Room Control System and Provolt Room Controller (PRC); VerifEye Submetering Solutions, wireless products, and easy-to-use relay panels.

In addition, Leviton offers exceptional code compliance support resources including our IECC, ASHRAE 90.1 and 2019 Title 24, Part 6 smart phone apps available at www.leviton.com/apps. Download our exclusive tools including our Design Guides, Application Cookbooks, and mini sites.

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