We Can Help Design your Automation System

Leviton Cloud Services

For a Restaurant, Retail Store, Office, etc.

Want help with layout, mesh network recommendations, and bills of materials based on your customer’s needs and desires?  Contact us at EMCAMarketing@leviton.com for assistance; we’ll assist.  Send us the project details, answer a few questions, and we’ll deliver a design assistance package.

Here’s a quick guide to help get you started with the new enhancements to the Lumina Gateway small commercial automation system complete with sensors, thermostats, lighting and load controls, touchscreens, apps, a cloud dashboard, and more.  Simple to install, easy to operate, and a powerful yet affordable automation solution unique to businesses spanning single location to enterprise.

Simple Installation – Single Location or Multiple Properties

Place and connect wireless devices in minutes. Use the secure Leviton Cloud Services website to automate based on tasks (store open) and times (7PM every day).  Program via tablet or computer using web-based tools and even enroll new devices via the mobile app on a smartphone once the location has been established. 

Install Wireless Sensors, Load Controls, Thermostats and Lighting Controls  

Lumina RF wall box devices are installed like regular dimmers and switches, thermostats are installed like regular thermostats, and sensors are peel and stick with long-life batteries. But they communicate wirelessly to one another, creating a mesh network that becomes stronger as you add more devices, including plug-in or heavy-duty loads. 

Commission and Setup via Web-Based Tool and Dashboard

Quickly retrofit a business and automate based on schedule and activity. The new web-based enrollment, scheduling, and remote control utility at http://lcs.leviton.com provides professional installers the ability to use Apple or PC computers along with tablets for on-site commissioning and remote management. Need to make a sensor or time schedule adjustment?  Do it remotely without rolling a truck. Customer wants to change a schedule? No problem.

Manage lights, temperatures, loads, and shades based on tasks and times  

The formula is simple for single locations and replicable for multiple properties.  Design schedules based on times, days, and holidays.  Turn on the outdoor sign at sunset, illuminate the storage area upon motion, send alerts based on temperature adjustments, and power down high-draw devices like compressors and generators.   Using Leviton Cloud Services from a computer or tablet: create the location, add approved users, add controlled areas, add connected devices, create activities (what does the business do automatically?) and craft schedules (when does it do this?). 

Multi-Location Scheduling, Remote Access, and User Hierarchy Role-Based Authority

Use Leviton Cloud Services subscription features to create a master schedule like “store open”. Set it once and apply across all locations across the organization with a few simple clicks. Trigger every connected building’s lights to illuminate, thermostats to adjust, connected loads to turn on, window coverings to open, and more at a set time on certain days. Similarly, “Store Close” saves time and money by turning off unnecessary devices inside all properties, activating exterior lights for safety, and sending a notification to the regional manager stating the store has closed for the evening. Exclude stores that may open at a later time or have different holiday schedules.

Register as an installer on the new Leviton Cloud Services at http://LCS.leviton.com

Learn more at the new Lumina Gateway and Lumina RF eco-system website, here