Updating your Bedroom? Don’t forget your electrical needs!

A fresh coat of paint, new bed linens, and an updated window treatment are all ways to update your bedroom for a refreshing new look and feel. As you make these changes, don’t let your electrical needs get left behind. These days, there are so many great ways to enhance the electrical functions within the bedroom for a truly restful experience. Here are a few of our top suggestions:

Smarten up – by installing smart switches and dimmers, you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your bed to turn lights on and off or to dim or brighten them. Decora Smart® switches and dimmers are app-controlled. Simply use your smartphone or tablet to turn the bedroom light on at daybreak or to dim the lights to watch a late night movie in bed. Don’t want to “install”, no worries. Decora Smart Wi-Fi® Second Gen Mini Plug-ins have you covered. Simply “plug-in” the Mini Plug-in to your outlet and then plug your lamp into the Mini Plug-in. This smart solution is so easy – and there’s more! You can choose to couple the Mini Plug-in with a Decora Smart Anywhere Switch Companion. The wireless Anywhere Companion can be placed “anywhere” to control the light.

You can put it on the wall by your bed, on the wall by the bedroom door, just mount with adhesive or place in an existing wallbox – no wiring required! You can even expand control beyond the bedroom with a centralized 4-Button Controller. Use it to control multiple Decora Smart Wi-Fi® devices throughout your home. For instance, you can use one button to have all lights in the house turn OFF at the end of the day, another to set home lighting to “morning”, so before you even get out of bed the lights you need to start your day will have switched on for you. Decora Smart even works with Amazon Alexa™, Google Play and Apple HomeKit™/Siri so feel free to use voice command for lighting, or to ask for the latest news or weather forecast.

Charge up – install a USB In-Wall Charger Outlet bedside for the most convenient way to charge your phone or other electronics while still having access close by you throughout the night. Leviton USB Charger Outlets provide two charging ports and two outlets so you never have to use an adapter or worry about unplugging a lamp or alarm clock or whatever else you may need plugged in. Check out the many options available – from Type A to Type-C™ with Power Delivery we have the power for fast efficient charging to meet all your needs.

Light up – imagine opening your closet door and having the light automatically switch on so you can focus on selecting your clothing. A Ceiling LED Occupancy Sensor gets that job done. Plus, the light will automatically switch off for you so there is never a question of “did I leave the light on?”.

Cool off – fan speed controls provide the ideal way to switch ceiling fans on and off as well as manage the level of airflow – low, medium, or high. You can select from traditional manual models or go with the smart model for easy, app-control.

After selecting and installing all your new devices you’ll be ready for a good night sleep!



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