Three Reasons NOT to paint Outlets and Switches

Three Reasons NOT to paint Outlets and Switches

A Coordinated Home…in a Snap! No more painting over outlets.

If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time and money on your décor – everything from sofas to throw pillows and wall art. It all coordinates perfectly with the wall color and the trim. Then you observe the pesky outlets and switches standing out like a sore thumb. What to do? Many people just simply paint over them and call it a day. Well, that’s just a bad idea for many reasons:


Paint clumps in crevices can clog the openings in the outlet, making it difficult to insert the blades from the plug. Forcing the blades in may damage them and/or lead to a poor connection with the internal contacts creating a hazardous condition. Additionally, paint chips can fall off the outlet or switch after repeated use creating a health hazard for young children and pets.

Painted Outlet


If you ever have an electrical problem and need to replace the device, or if you want to upgrade the device, you will ruin your paint job when you try to get the wallplate off the wall.

Painted Light Switch


It may look coordinated but a painted-over wallplate and outlet or switch is never a pretty sight. It may look okay in the beginning but the surface will never be smooth and the paint will eventually crack and chip.


We have a better – and safer – solution. 

The Renu® collection of outlets, switches, dimmers and wallplates is available in 20 popular colors and features easily changeable faceplates so you can match your color scheme today or enjoy a new look tomorrow! Simply snap off the faceplate on the device and snap on the new color face.

Leviton Renu Collection

You can even mix it up by mixing and matching your own color selections for a personal touch in any room of your home.

Leviton Renu Collection